When it comes to your vehicle’s mechanical restoration, there are quite a few approaches you can take. At Tucker’s, you can rest assured that we will walk you through each option and provide our recommendation for mechanical services based upon your needs and budget. Whether you are interested in stock mechanical system upgrades, simple tuneups, or complete system upgrades, our team of veteran engineers will use their precision craftsmanship and years of experience to deliver the highest quality mechanical work that money can buy.


Expertly crafted bodywork is the backbone of your vehicle’s overall aesthetic, as well as the most critical stage for preparing your vehicle for custom paint application. For these reasons, Tucker’s takes great pride in their attention to detail when it comes to bodywork and custom fabrication. Whether you are looking for complete vehicle restoration or specific bodywork, Tucker’s Performance provides accurate and transparent bodywork estimates. With over 40 years of expert craftsmanship and stellar customer service, Tucker’s Performance confidently provides among the best bodywork and fabrications services available in the industry today.


While Tucker’s offers a wide array of interior services to their customers – from custom seat covers and headliner replacements, to complete interior restoration work – each and every project is handled with the same attention to detail and customer service that separates Tucker’s from the competition. Tucker’s guarantees the highest quality interior work money can buy. 


At Tucker’s Performance, we understand that exceptional paint and body work is one of the key elements that separates the good from the concourse-worthy classics. Stunning paint is often responsible for making that lasting first impression and imparting that deep-rooted memory in the minds of auto enthusiasts that is strived for in classic car restoration. At Tucker’s Performance, our paint process is undoubtedly the best in the business. From the initial steps of etching, priming, blocking and cleaning, through to the critical final steps of base coat and clearing – the professionals at Tucker’s Performance have taken great pride in refining their world-class paint process over the past 40 plus years. You can rest assured that with Tucker’s Performance, we will take your classic vehicle and evoke the true aesthetic beauty it deserves – turning your classic into a one-of-a-kind work of art.

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